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India's supercomputer 'PARAM Siddhi-AI' to use Nvidia tech

India's supercomputer 'PARAM Siddhi-AI' to use Nvidia tech

<p id="content">Graphics giant Nvidia said that India's largest high-performance computing-Artificial Intelligence (HPC-AI) supercomputer PARAM Siddhi-AI will use its technology along with indigenously developed HPC-AI engine, software frameworks and Cloud platform by the country's Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).</p>
Nvidia said that the supercomputer will be based on its DGX SuperPOD reference architecture, a turnkey AI infrastructure, making it possible for organizations to install powerful AI supercomputers with extraordinary speed — in many cases in just a few weeks' time.

"Nvidia is committed to supporting nations across the globe in their mission to advance the frontiers of AI-enabled research," Charlie Boyle, General Manager and Vice-President of DGX systems at Nvidia, said in a statement.

"The turnkey Nvidia DGX SuperPOD architecture is central to helping C-DAC deploy its supercomputer in record time. With this new AI supercomputer, C-DAC will be able to unleash AI innovation at incredible scale to help India address some of its most important challenges now, and in the future".

C-DAC said that the PARAM Siddhi-AI scalable infrastructure will accelerate experiments and outcomes for India-specific grand challenge problems in healthcare, education, energy, cybersecurity, space, automotive and agriculture.

PARAM Siddhi-AI will play a pivotal role in developing a vibrant ecosystem for research and innovation in science and engineering, it said.

"It will catalyse partnerships with academia, industry, MSMEs and startups," said Hemant Darbari, Director General, C-DAC..