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Hundreds of birds from northern India flock Telangana’s Pakhal lake

Representational image. Among the hundreds of birds that visit Pakhal Lake are the red crested pochards (PIc. Courtesy Twitter/@koushikdas47)

With the onset of summers, it is that time of the year when migratory birds throng the Pakhal lake located in Warangal district of Telangana. With the arrival of these varied birds, there is a steady flow of bird and nature lovers to the lake making it a popular destination for the tourists and visitors from the State and other places.

The lake that is situated about 10 kilometres from the Narsampet town is one of the unpolluted water bodies and its origin dates back to the Ganapati Deva, the Kakatiya ruler in 1213 AD.

As migratory birds in hundreds including Cotton Pygmy Goose, Northern Pintail, Spot Billed Duck, Lesser Whistling Ducks and Red Crested Pochard come to the lake every year, the Telangana Forest Department and State Tourism Development Corporation have developed the lake into a Pakhal wildlife sanctuary.

A majority of these migratory birds are from the northern part of India and opt for Pakhal sanctuary as their home for three months before returning back to the original place for nesting and breeding.

To ensure that these birds are not disturbed and they have enough food, fishing is banned in the lake. Further, the forest officials create awareness among the residents of the neighbouring villages to make them part of the conservation and protection efforts.

Meanwhile, the forest officials are planning a bird walk for nature enthusiasts at the Pakhal lake.