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Good Samaritan saved dying turtle’s eggs and now her progeny springs to life

The tiny turtle saved by the Good Samaritan

There are some true events that warm one’s heart, reinforcing the goodness of human beings. One such incident which happened recently and has gone viral is that of a man who tried to save an injured turtle and recovered her eggs to enable life for her progeny to go on.

The Good Samaritan, Eric C Martens, is a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan in the US, and he came across an injured turtle in his neighbourhood. The animal was frantically looking for a place to lay her eggs. Rescuing her and the eggs he did a C-section. Revealing all the details in his Twitter which has gone viral, he said that the eggs had been placed in a substrate and incubated.

In his first tweet he wrote: “This story starts sad but has a happy ending: In early June I got out of my car coming home from work to help a turtle cross the road in our neighbourhood, only to find that a careless driver had already hit and killed her.”

Figuring she was searching for a place to lay eggs. I brought her home, did a secondary euthanasia just to be sure and then my best attempt at a turtle C-section, which revealed 7 perfect eggs (attached picture) that I placed in substrate and started incubating (sic).”

Continuing his tale Martens said: “While I was getting the eggs out, a massive storm came through, undoubtedly what motivated her to leave the water that night. Then, a brilliant rainbow, which (as corny as it sounds) would intersect the ground right where I found her in the road from the perspective taken (sic).”

With the tiny turtles out of the eggs, Martens is now busy taking care of them. “Today her eggs started hatching! So far with 2 fully emerged and healthy and at least 3 more on the way. They'll get a few days to get to full strength and maybe a meal or two before going back into the same pond their mom came from (sic),” he wrote.