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Freak goat kid draws crowd

A freak goat kid

A freak goat kid has become a major attraction for people living in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh as hundreds of them are thronging the house of an area villager to see the animal.`

The kid has a single large eye socket on its forehead with two pupils. The freakish appearance of the animal is completed by the absence of a well-formed snout and a twisted mouth with a distinct underbite.

Masia, a resident of Morahat village in Noorpur police circle jurisdiction, said that he rears goats, one of which gave birth to two kids two days ago. While one was normal, the other was a freak. As soon as the word spread, people started flocking to see the animal. Some even claimed that it was an incarnation of Lord Shiva because of the 'third eye' on its forehead. A few people even made offerings even as Masia said that he believed it was God's 'blessing' for him.

Area veterinary doctor Pushkar Rathi, however, said: "The animal is abnormal and such animals do not live long. It is a freak and should not be treated as a divine blessing."