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Facebook introduces Rights Manager for images

<p id="content">In a bid to help creators and publishers manage their intellectual property related to images, Facebook has introduced Rights Manager for images.</p>
The new version uses image-matching technology to help creators and publishers protect and manage their image content at scale.

To access Rights Manager, Page admins can submit an application for the content they've created and want to protect.

"Rights Manager will find matching content on Facebook and Instagram. Settings can be adjusted to match things like ownership that should apply worldwide or only in certain locations," Facebook said in a blog post yesterday.

In addition to the free content management tools to help combat infringement, Facebook said it also has a fast and effective IP reporting system, a repeat infringer policy and other measures.

"We want to ensure Facebook is a safe and valuable place for creators to share their content.

"That's why we built tools like Rights Manager in Creator Studio to help creators and publishers who have a large or growing catalog of content better control when, how and where their content is shared across Facebook and Instagram," the social network said..