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Deadly scorpions invade homes in Egypt’s Aswan city leaving 5 people dead and 500 injured

Scorpions in Egypt have stung five people to death in the southern city of Aswan after heavy storms brought them into the streets and homes.

Aswan, a city in Egypt, has been swamped by deadly scorpions since Saturday.  So far five people have died from deadly scorpion stings and more than 500 are injured.

High winds, accompanying torrential rain and stormy weather blew the deadly Egyptian black, fat-tailed scorpions from the surrounding desert into the city and into people’s homes, according to local media reports.

The sudden onslaught of bites came as the scorpions, along with snakes, were flushed out of their normal hiding places due to the heavy rainfall.

Terrified residents took to social media to share videos and pictures of scorpions at their homes.

Extra doses of anti-venom have been provided to medical centres in villages near mountains and deserts, a health official told Al-Ahram news agency.


Aswan’s governor Ashraf Attia temporarily barred ships on the River Nile and Lake Nasser from travelling too close to the city.

According to the BBC, Egypt is home to fat-tailed scorpions that are among the most deadly in the world. Venom from a black fat-tail can kill humans in under an hour. Symptoms related to widespread venom effects can include difficulty in breathing, muscle twitching and unusual head movements. Anti-venom is used as a preventative measure before symptoms arise, but can also work once symptoms start to worsen.

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority says they expect intermittent rainfall to continue in the coming days, as well as thunder, in many parts of south Sinai, and southern Egypt, including cities such as Minya, Assiut, Sohag, and Luxor.