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Ailing monkey strays into Parliament House, rescued by staffers

The NGO Wildlife SOS rescued an ailing from Parliament House, when they were informed by the alert staff there

The alert staff of Parliament House not only guards and takes care of the citadel of Indian democracy but is also emphatic to animals. This was evident as their timely intervention helped save an ailing monkey.

Going about their daily duties, the staff was surprised to find that a Rhesus macaque had strayed into an office room and was initially found lying down under a table. Without wasting any time the security personnel placed an emergency call on the Wildlife SOS 24×7 rescue helpline (9871963535).

The NGO’s Rapid Response Unit reached the spot quickly and found the macaque to be extremely feeble and exhausted. The team members exercised extreme caution and carefully rescued the monkey, and it is currently under medical observation.

Sharing his thoughts about this operation, Wasim Akram, Director, Special Projects, Wildlife SOS said: “The macaque was weak and ill. When an animal is in such a condition, the rescuers have to be extra cautious so as to not cause further stress.”

Describing Rhesus macaque as the most adaptive primate species, Kartick Satyanarayan, CEO, Wildlife SOS said:“ They are present in large numbers in megacities such as Delhi and even smaller cities and towns. Since they have adjusted so well to living in dense human habitations, their presence in urban areas is not uncommon. We are thankful to the staff at the Parliament House for alerting us to the emergency.”

This species lives in troops of around 20 to 180 monkeys. The troops compete with other ones for food and territory.