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70-year-old Banyan tree saved in Telangana after relocation

The 70-year-old was relocating along with its roots to ensure it continues to live (Pics. Courtesy Twitter/@MPSantoshtrs)

Coming together as a community, people from different walks of life united their efforts to save a 70-year-old banyan tree in Telangana.

It all started when this tree which was originally located on the outskirts of Suddala village in Konaraopet mandal was uprooted during the rains. The tree was on the land of Burra Bhumaiah Goud and Ramesh Goud and the farmers were unsure what to do as they watched it helplessly drying up.

They approached an ardent nature lover in their village, Dobbala Prakash and conveyed to him their desire to keep the tree alive. On his advice they started watering the tree and it started reviving. Seeing this Prakash’s hopes went up and he decided to relocate the tree to the local school but was unable to due to the logistics involved.

Meanwhile, these efforts came to the knowledge of others including Santosh Kumar, a member of Rajya Sabha who assured them his utmost help and assistance. On his request, an organisation VATA scientifically translocated the tree by removing it along with the roots. It has now been replanted at the Sircilla Collectorate premises.

The task was tough but completed in 24 hours and the 100-tonne weighing tree was uprooted and placed on a truck and transported to the Collectorate.

One of the officials involved in the relocation said: “Initially a single 70-tonne capacity crane could not lift the tree, so another crane with the same capacity was pressed into service.: