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Travesty: Modi, Trump get Ig Noble, not Xi or Tedros

Travesty: Modi, Trump get Ig Noble, not Xi or Tedros

Nothing pleases our professional revolutionaries as humiliation and derision of Rightwing icons. Their pleasure singes whatever sensibility and reason they have been left with after having imbibed the toxic postmodern theories for decades. Unsurprising, they are ecstatic that Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, Narendra Modi of India, and Donald Trump of the US, among others, have been awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for 2020 for their contributions to medical education.

The scientific humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research instituted the Ig Nobel Prizes. According to the magazine’s website, “Ig Nobel Prizes honor achievements that make people laugh, and then make them think. The winners come to a gala ceremony at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre, and then give public lectures at MIT.”

This is quite a euphemistic way of putting it. The prefix ‘Ig’ with Nobel takes it into the realm of the ‘ignoble.’ And who, in the Left-liberal scheme of things, could be more ignoble than Modi, Trump, Johnson, and Bolsonaro?

By the way, Narendra Modi is the second Indian prime minister to have bagged an Ig Nobel; the first one was Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Ig Nobel, it seems, is reserved for the Right-leaning leaders.

It is not for the likes of Chinese President Xi Jinping and World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the most notorious mass murderers of this century though they are. They don’t find a place in the hall of shame.

One has to be a moron—or a public health mafioso—to say that Xi and Tedros are not guilty of spreading Covid-19 and killing hundreds of thousands of people. Both are guilty as sin. We have mentioned several times that China and the WHO helped spread the coronavirus (https://indianarrative.com/opinion/circumstantial-evidence-suggests-china-is-culpable-422.html, https://indianarrative.com/analysis/who-chief-should-be-brought-to-book-582.html, https://indianarrative.com/opinion/chinas-culpability-in-spreading-corona-exposed-2843.html).

In another article (https://indianarrative.com/world/xi-tedros-should-be-tried-for-crime-against-humanity-2325.html), I wrote, “Xi can certainly be accused of such inhumane acts. In China, 4,634 fatalities were reported till May 18, out of which 4,512 were in Hubei province, including 3,869 in Wuhan. While over 97 per cent fatalities occurred in one province, the rest of the country remained practically unaffected. Beijing reported just nine deaths. Another major city, Shanghai, also had fatalities in single digit.

“Both cities are a few hundred miles from Wuhan. However, thousands of miles from Wuhan, in Italy, the UK, Spain, the US, etc., thousands have perished because of the virus that originated from the Chinese city.”

Further, I wrote, “It is obvious that Xi and those in charge in China knew about Covid-19 danger; and yet they, while protecting its… cities and provinces, let the deadly novel coronavirus travel all over the world.

“We hope that the demand for action against China gains momentum. The demand should be upgraded; it must include criminal prosecution of Xi and Tedros.

“With China being a global power, as mentioned earlier, it may be difficult to bring Xi or even Tedros to book; but an effort should be made nonetheless. As a deterrence against international rogues.”

It is indeed a travesty of norms that while democratically elected leaders are given the Ig Nobel prize, international rogues are regarded as not just beyond reproach but also beyond ridicule..