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The ugly reality of double-faced Pakistan

The ugly reality of double-faced Pakistan

Even as many in Pakistan are pleading for Indian help amid the rising coronavirus deaths, the minorities continue to be persecuted blatantly.

Reports emerged Thursday about a house of Hindu bhail community set on fire near Daad Laghari in Sindh, earlier this week. Three children, including an infant, were burnt alive while their mother continues to be extremely critical with a very high percentage of burn injuries.

Typically, the local authorities dismissed the brutal murders as a “fire incident” and didn't let the national media report anything about it.

They were, of course, 'kaafirs' (infidels) in an Islamic state.

"Another brutal incident against minorities in Pakistan, 3 Hindu kids, a infant & a woman severly burnt alive by fundamentalists in Sindh Pakistan. Will minorities ever be safe in Pakistan? #MinoritiesUnsafeInPakistan," tweeted Anis Farooqui, a multimedia journalist.

The Sindh Hindu family members weren't the first, certainly not the last.

Tekam Malhi, a young Hindu shopkeeper, also from Sindh, was hacked to death on Wednesday, which was a sacred day for the Hindus all over the world on account of Hanuman Jayanti.

Shocking pictures, which can't be produced here but are going viral on social media, emerged of Malhi lying in a pool of blood in a washroom with his throat slit in Sanghar district.

"My beloved friend, Brother, Activist, A Brave Heart. Was seeking Justice for others. Is Slain by Jihadis in his house. Tekam Malhi s/o Late Dharmoo Malhi, R/o Malhi Para Sanghar, Sindh-Pakistan. I will never forget you brother.  Never…..," tweeted (<a href="https://t.co/sT3KWcLdCu">https://t.co/sT3KWcLdCu</a>) Rahat Austin, a lawyer, author, and activist from across the border.

"Pakistan's genocide against Hindus continues," tweeted another person from the minority community.

While the murder and discrimination against the minorities continues openly in Pakistan, former speedster Shoaib Akhtar appealed India to provide 10,000 ventilators to his country to counter the fight against Covid-19.

No wonder, the Rawalpindi Express, as Akhtar is called, had to face the wrath of Indians.

"Why Shoaib Akhtar? Is he the PM? Maybe PM chair is shared by cricketers. Let @ImranKhanPTI beg like his buddy did. India would think. Till then bank on masks made from used underwear and poor quality test kits from China. No one helps a country which exports terrorists and begs," tweeted Major General (retired) Harsha Kakar.

Well, Akhtar would do well to call up his 'kaptaan' Khan and ask him to punish those who are killing the religious minorities in Pakistan every day..