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Netflix series The Crown, MSM malign Margaret Thatcher

Netflix series The Crown, MSM malign Margaret Thatcher

How do you solve a problem like Margaret Thatcher? A very difficult question to answer if you are a liberal and/or feminist, for the former British prime minister was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. Along with former US President Ronald Reagan, another great leader, she successfully fought the evil of communism, forcing a fall of the Soviet Union. It is testimony to the baneful influence that liberals and feminists have over the media and entertainment sector that the Netflix web-series, <em>The Crown</em>, struggled in Thatcher’s portrayal. Thatcher is not the problem; liberals and feminists are. The series makers solved the problem by twisting facts and taking recourse to sentimentalism: they made the conservative icon, also known as the Iron Lady, cry, indeed cry a lot actually.

“Margaret Thatcher does an awful lot of crying in The Crown,” wrote <a href="https://time.com/5907856/margaret-thatcher-the-crown/">Time magazine</a>. “Though the Prime Minister was known to shed a tear or two during her 11 years leading the United Kingdom, the show leans heavily on several scenes of the woman who came to be known as the ‘Iron Lady’ overcome by emotion.”

A torchbearer of liberalism and a quintessential representative of the mainstream media (MSM), <em>Time</em> gives its own verdict on Thatcher: “In real life, Thatcher’s legacy is polarizing, to say the least.” This is the standard description of any politician or statesman whom Left-liberals hate—be it Prime Minister Narendra Modi or US President Donald Trump.

The lady who was never for turning, who rescued her country from economic doom, who restored the greatness of Britain, who stood steadfastly for democracy and fought heroically against its enemies, who helped end the evil empire of Soviet Union—that lady is a polarizing figure! And people like, say, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris—who are beholden to the violent, divisive, dangerous radical Left—are ‘unifiers’! Seldom were facts so egregiously twisted. The liberal mind seems beyond redemption.

Typically, the <em>Time</em> story is littered with the trite terms like patriarchy and sexism that feminists keep bombarding us with.

“The Crown depicts some of these [Thatcher’s] policy decisions, most effectively in episodes told from others’ points of view. One of them follows a man who suffers under Thatcher’s social programs, unable to find work so that he might get partial custody of his children. Another largely sticks with the Queen herself as she privately battles with Thatcher over apartheid. But the writers also attempt to soften Thatcher’s image with moments of humanity—hence the tears,” <em>Time</em> wrote.

This isn’t softening Thatcher’s image; this is vilification, pure and simple. But then there is nothing Left-liberals will stop at when it comes to Right-leaning leaders, even if they are among the greatest statespersons, as Thatcher certainly was..