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Jaishankar Exposes UN, Anti-India Lobby

Jaishankar Exposes UN, Anti-India Lobby

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar Has Done Well To Assert National Sovereignty By Pointing Out That No Country Blindly Welcomes Refugees.

“Everybody, When They Look At Citizenship, Has A Context And Has A Criterion. Show Me A Country In The World Which Says Everybody In The World Is Welcome. Nobody Does That. Look At America. Look At The Europeans. I Can Give You Example Of Every European Country. There Is Some Social Criterion,” He Said. He Was Speaking At The ET Global Business Summit On Saturday.

He Also Slammed The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) For Criticizing India On The Situation In Jammu & Kashmir. The Minister Underlined The UNHRC’s Mischief Of De-Hyphenating Kashmir With Terror. “How Carefully They [UNHRC] Skirt Around The Cross-Border Terrorism Problem, As If It Has Nothing To Do With Country Next Door. Please Understand Where They Are Coming From; Look At UNHRC’s Record How They Handled The Issue Earlier.”

The Two Issues He Highlighted Are Important. First, Every Country, As A Sovereign Entity, Has The Right To Welcome Or Refuse Entry To Refugees—Just As Every Householder Has The Right To Refuse Shelter To A Person. Anybody Seeking Refuge Or Shelter Doesn’t Have A Right To Do So.

It Ought To Be Mentioned Here That It Is Only Democratic Countries—India, The US, The UK, European Nations—That Receive Flak From Intellectuals And Left-Liberals For Refusing Or Checking Refugees. This Is Because The Oppressed People Usually Want To Go To Democracies; Nobody Wants To Go To, Say, The Obscurantist Saudi Arabia Or The Communist China. It Hasn’t Occurred To The Left-Liberals, In India As Well As In The West, That The Structures And Institutions That Make Democracies Attractive To The Refugees In General Should Be Shielded From The Flood Of Immigrants; For Many Of The New Entrants Hold Belief Systems At Variance With Liberal Principles.

Nor Has It Occurred To The UNHRC And Intellectuals That The Root-Cause Of Problems In Kashmir Is Jihadist Violence That Is Openly Supported By Pakistan.

Even Worse Is The Bias Of The Mainstream Western Media. For Instance, The Office Of The UN High Commissioner For Human Rights Published A Report In July Last Year, Highlighting “Credible Information Of Enforced Disappearances Of People From Pakistan-Administered Kashmir Including Those Who Were Held In Secret Detention And Those Whose Fate And Whereabouts Continue To Remain Unknown.”

If The New York Times And The Washington Post Wrote Angry Opinion Pieces, They Didn’t Create The Kind Of Furor That Any Article Critical Of India Does. Perhaps The Write-Ups Showing Human Rights Violations In The Jihadist State That Is Pakistan Doesn’t Interest Public Intellectuals.

The Liberal Establishment In The West, Along With The Left-Infested UN, Seems Convinced That India Is The Real Culprit. Jaishankar Deserves Plaudits For Exposing Democracy-Hating Intellectuals..