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Involved in human organ trade, China’s leaders are fiendish

Involved in human organ trade, China’s leaders are fiendish

The gruesome murder of our soldiers in Galwan by the Chinese shocked all of us; it should not have. For China is run by the Chinese Communist Party, a gang of thugs committed to most violent ideology mankind has ever witnessed. These are the folks who are, among other things, involved in the trade of human organs. Bludgeoning the troopers of Indian Army with spiked batons is routine for them.

Years ago, when I read Robin Cook’s Coma, I was horrified by the unspeakable crimes depicted in the book—a gang, with the collusion of some doctors, killing people so that their organs could be taken out and sold. Thank god, one felt, it was just one hospital and, more importantly, fiction. China, however, is not fiction but real—the world’s largest country, the second biggest economy, and the greatest threat to humankind.

The British daily, The Sun, reported on March 11, “There are growing fears China is executing Muslim prisoners so they can harvest their organs to treat dying coronavirus patients. The concerns come after Beijing boasted it had performed a successful double transplant op on a patient given just days to live.”

Now human rights monitors are asking, the daily wrote, how the two matching lungs needed for the 59-year-old’s life-saving surgery were found so quickly.

It is not a wild accusation against China by a Right-leaning newspaper. Some time ago, on November 14 last year, the Left-leaning Guardian also reported something similar: “The Chinese government may have been systematically falsifying its organ donation numbers, raising renewed concerns over the use of executed prisoners and other forced donors for transplants, a new academic paper says.”

In 2015, China publicly promised it would no longer source organs from executed prisoners, previously almost its sole source, the report said. “But a study led by Australian National University PhD student Matthew Robertson, published in the BMC Medical Ethics journal on Friday, says Chinese-government supplied datasets on organ donations show ‘highly compelling evidence they are being falsified’.”

The China Tribunal, a people’s tribunal, made similar revelations in June 2019. Headed by Sir Geoffrey Nice, who earlier a prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the Tribunal found that “in China forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time involving a very substantial number of victims.”

The Chinese authorities target executed prisoners, ethnic-religious minorities like Uighurs, and Falun Gong followers for organs. Falun Gong means ‘Discipline of the Dharma Wheel’ in Chinese. Li Hongzhi founded this spiritual movement founded by in 1992. The authorities were not favorably disposed towards it; they never are to anything that is not in conformity with CCP views. A few years later, the Chinese government started persecuting its members, saying that they belonged to a “heretical cult.”

This is not to say that all Chinese people are fiendish; even the most anti-China activists like Steve Bannon say that in general they are decent folks; the problem is with the Chinese Communist Party which rules the country. Communism is a violent philosophy; in China it has blended with jingoism, thus becoming an unconscionable ideology, impelling its adherents to carry out egregious deeds. Trade in human organs is among such deeds.

Under the CCP, trade in human organs has become a regular, state-sponsored practice—this is one of the various ugly truths about China, which have gone virtually unnoticed. It is time these truths got highlighted..