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Start your day with a glass of natural, organic juice, instead of that morning cuppa

A balanced diet plays an important part in strengthening your immunity. During such unprecedented times, make sure you are not missing out on essential vitamins and nutrients. A good start could be by replacing your morning cuppa with healthy juice and tonics.

Here are a few immunities boosting juices to refresh you and keep you going. Start your morning with these drinks and note the changes yourself.


Having a glass of warm lemon water daily is a great way to revive up your metabolism and boost immunity. You can have cool lemonade anytime trough the day to quench your thirst, as well as to fight against the Coronavirus! Make refreshing pineapple ginger lemonade with pineapple tidbits, mint leaves, water, grated ginger, fresh lemon juice, and ice-cubes; you can even have it the first thing in the morning.

<strong>Aloe Vera Juice</strong>

Beat the Covid-19 scare and with Aloe Vera juice which provides natural support to the immune system. Drinking one glass of Aloe Vera juice early in the morning can help in keeping the body immune to infections and diseases.

<strong>ACE Juice</strong>

A 100 percent mixed fruit juice fortified with Vitamins A-C-E filled with anti-oxidants that will help you boost your immunity. Vitamin A enables in the normal functioning of the Immune system, C protects you from infections and Vitamin E helps blood cells to function efficiently. Del Monte's ACE juice can be consumed by the whole family.

<strong>Beetroot and carrot juice</strong>

A combination of carrot and beetroot is a powerhouse of vitamin A, C and E with a good dose of iron and calcium. This juice will help boost immunity and fight inflammation as well. Start your day with a glass of beetroot and carrot juice to keep you energetic throughout the day!

<strong>Watermelon juice</strong>

Watermelon juice is a very healthy fruit drink. Not only does it help your immune system but it also releases muscle soreness. Make a delicious and healthy smoothie with fresh watermelon chunks, bananas, ripe mangoes and Del Monte cranberries, enjoy it as a breakfast smoothie or snack!.