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Skincare tips for busy brides

Skincare tips for busy brides

<p id="content">The wedding season is upon us, and every bride wants to get that glowing flawless look for her special day. Especially when face masks and humidity are leading to acne and breakouts.</p>
If you are a bride-to-be but are unable to follow a pre-bridal beauty regimen because of your busy schedule, don't fret. Rajat Mathur, Education Manager at Kiehl's India shares some skincare habits guaranteed to give you a quick bridal glow.

Melt away dirt and oil with a gentle face wash. It is a quick step to start your day with and prepare your skin for a glowing look. This will save time and the need for double cleansing while going through an extra step of CTM routine.

Get rid of puffy eyes and refresh tired-looking eyes with a cooling eye stick or a gel-based cooling eye mask. It is an easy and quick way to reduce under-eye puffiness on the go. Top it up with an avocado eye treatment or cooling aloe vera gel.

Give yourself a lip glowing treatment, which provides replenishment of oil and the shine of a lip gloss. Invest in lip oils infused with vital fruit extracts and essential oils at night and wake up with fuller and smooth lips.

Start protecting your skin from the sun. Defend skin from skin-damaging pollutants and prevent the dullness for bright looking skin. Apply a quarter tablespoon of sunscreen before heading out with a minimum of SPF 50. Opt for paraben and sulfate-free sunscreen

Energize and invigorate skin with a brightening face mask. The radiance mask helps brighten fatigued, dull skin. The exfoliating face mask leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth ready to steal the show. Look out for glow-inducing masks with ingredients like turmeric and cranberry to be applied at night for that awestruck freshness in the morning..