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Malls are open but is it safe to shop?

Malls are open but is it safe to shop?

Malls are open and as the footfall starts to pick up, the only one who can ensure your safety on a day out shopping is you. Unlock 3.0 has us getting back to the 'new normal' but there are a couple of precautions you need to take to stay ahead of the coronavirus.

Whether it's visiting the newest stores at the mall or going to our favorite restaurants, stepping outcomes with various responsibilities and protocols you need to adhere to, for your own safety and for the safety of those around you. Get in sync with safety and hygiene protocols so you don't pose a risk to yourselves or others.

In Mumbai, the Phoenix Market City Kurla and the city's favorite -High Street Phoenix and Palladium in Lower Parel, have already started implementing safety and hygiene protocols that are on par with global standards to ensure the wellbeing of every employee and customer. But there are a few things shoppers can keep in mind as well!

Follow these tips to spend a worry-free day at the malls:

Use the UV scanner on entry at of the Malls to disinfect your bags and the sanitization mat to disinfect your footwear before you enter the mall

Download the Arogya Setu App and show it to mall officials at the entrance

Practice social distancing! For example, when out at the mall, listen to their guidelines and on the escalator maintain a four-step distance from others or overcrowd at cash counters!

Listen to the store employees, they are asking you to follow protocols because they are trying to ensure a safe shopping experience for you

Only touch 'Trial Clothes' that are specifically kept at multiple apparel stores, these are sanitized after every use!

One should also be using contactless payment methods

Use the Bio -Hazard bins to dispose of masks, gloves etc.,

The food courts are cleaned at regular intervals and also you can carry a portable disinfectant spray to use in public areas as well.

Use the UV Disinfection system to disinfect your shopping bags post purchases.