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Made in India goes tech

Made in India goes tech

<p class="p1">The Covid-19 situation and lockdown have challenged us in many ways, affecting lives and livelihoods. The importance of unlocking II has been to revive the economy and focus on Make in India and homegrown.

While face masks are essential, many designers and brands are bringing various innovations in terms of its design, style, and bringing jobs to workers in the process. However, social distancing norms are a distant dream in densely populated cities in India.

To deal with the issue of dense population in urban cities, Prof. Somesh Singh in collaboration with National Awardee Craftsman, Abdul Jabbar Khatri, has created Smart Jackets – Co-vest. Designed to follow all advised guidelines for virus prevention, the jacket is developed not just in a view of 'Care &amp; Precaution' but also to revive craftsperson in distress to find employment and sustainable livelihood in the textile industry which is the second-largest employer in the country.

The jacket adorns a beautiful block printing from Kutch — the Ajrak print. CoVest has been designed and is completely Made in India while, there have been sentiments to grow indigenous innovation and products that can help the general public, industries, services, hospitals, and other institutions to address the challenge growing number of 'Covid-19' infections and with opening up of activities due to 'Unlock 1 &amp; 2'.

Features of Indradhanush SD "Social Distancing" Jacket

Body Temperature Display: The jacket is smart and intelligent enough to tell your body temperature all the time.

SD+ Sensors: 99 per of the medical research has shown that you will not get infected with CoVid19 by maintaining a distance of 2-meters all the time, but do people really follow? It helps measure a distance of 6-feet physical distancing.

Magic Pockets: Dry sanitization option in your pockets for your watch, sunglasses, wallets, car keys, and handkerchief.

Viral Shield and Fragrance Finish: The viral shield helps in ensuring that the fabric is free from the infection, and the fragrance finish helps reduce stress through aromatherapy in such testing times.

Inbuilt protective face mask What if your collar can double up as your mask?

Prof. Singh always wondered "As India enters Unlock 2.0, with increasing relaxation and interaction among people in the public spaces, the major areas of concerns remain unaddressed; how does one know whether others are well or not well? How to recognize if the minimum distance of 2-meters or 6-feet is maintained? How does one sanitize their belongings? How does one isolate masks, and have a secure place not infecting other belongings? By being safe we can break this chain of infection and help people with low immunity survive.– The answer is Covest, that helps us combat the new normal."

Further, he added, "Since I also work with craft sector increasing unemployment and with no business in last few months they have gone into total distress, so I decided to incorporate 'handloom fabric' and crafts so that it can bring huge employment and livelihood opportunities for people engaged into textile sector, especially traditional textiles."</p>.