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Indian kids awaiting outdoor fun, reveals new survey

Indian kids awaiting outdoor fun, reveals new survey

<p id="content">'Saving people' and 'finding a cure' to COVID-19 is on the minds of Indian children, reveals a new survey. Going to school and meeting friends, too, have kids between the ages of 8-12 years missing the outdoors, making immunity-boosting in the future a key concern for parents and caregivers.

The survey by Jelimals, ITC's confectionery brand in the Jelly segment, revealed that 94 percent children polled miss 'Going to school' and 95 percent miss 'Meeting friends' in person. If given a 'superpower' 74 percent children would utilise it to 'save people (56 percent) and find cure (18 percent)' from Covid-19 with concern for parents and family (38 percent) also being foremost for the children. A concern for saving humanity including doctors, soldiers, friends, animals and testing individuals for the virus, also followed. It also revealed that the highlight of the day for kids was the 'video calls with friends'.

The jelly brand, has created a child-friendly awareness song 'Do the 5' on how they can prevent the spread of Covid-19 based on the guidelines recommended by the WHO. It has also introduced the Jelimals Immunoz – jellies fortified with two key nutrients Vitamin C and Zinc, that help support the immune system amongst children.

For a country where a significant number of children and adolescents suffer from micronutrient deficiencies, as revealed in the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey (CNNS) last year, fortifying staple food items – that are consumed regularly – with essential micronutrients can ensure their adequate intake for better physical and mental development. For children, fortification of non-homemade foods they like to eat, can be a step forward in ensuring micronutrient adequacy for a large section of children at the same time.

"A serving of two, great tasting jellies per day will ensure kids get 50 percent Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C and 15 percent RDA of Zinc, both essential ingredients which help support the immune system," said the brand.</p>
"As a kids-focussed brand, (we want to) support the health of kids with our products by giving them a daily dose of vitamin C and zinc. And we are doing this in a Jelimals' way – making this fun and engaging for both parents and kids much like our 'Do the 5' video. We are shifting the entire Jelimals' jelly bears range to Jelimals Immunoz and keeping consumer price points same across the offerings. We hope this move will make a small but meaningful difference in protecting our kids," said Anuj Rustagi, COO – Chocolate, Coffee, Confectionery &amp; New Category Development – Foods, ITC Ltd..