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India Beach Fashion Week goes virtual this year

India Beach Fashion Week goes virtual this year

Technology has a major role to play in the fashion industry today, as both shows and businesses need a platform to showcase and sell. India Beach Fashion Week goes virtual this year with its resort edit, which will have to be a unique combination of LiveTech, says Pallav Ojha, CEO and co-founder.

The online event that starts today is a part of a three-day virtual feast called 'Festival of Festivals'. This will be home to up to 15 festivals across multiple genres and over 23 hours of live content. It aims to raise funds for artistes across the live entertainment community impacted by the pandemic.

IANSlife spoke to Ojha who shares what the audience can expect, how the virtual fashion show was executed and what role technology can play in the future of the fashion industry. Read excerpts:

<strong>Q: What made you come up with a virtual show of IBFW?</strong>

A: We at India Beach Fashion Week have believed in spreading fashion vibes, latest trends, and energy from the happy land of Goa. In the last five months, the fashion and textile industry has seen a major downturn, crumbling, and living in constant pressure. IBFW resort edit is our effort to tell the industry – we are together, we are unbreakable and we will continue to innovate ourselves against all odds!

<strong>Q: Tell us about the conceptualization.</strong>

A: We feel fashion is real! We wanted the resort edit to be engaging, live, and exciting as the world has been in digital fatigue and webinars have lasted so many months. We wanted to create the same magic of a real show… keep it tropical, beach, resort centric, and overall Goa in our concept as it's a major part of our brand DNA!

<strong>Q: What can the audience look forward to?</strong>

A: We have the legendary Wendell Rodricks tribute show which is one of its class! Neon colors, deep cuts, and edgy swimwear collection by Nidhi Munim with eccentric hair, makeup, and styling. Bohemian, travel, and energy power-packed collection by the celebrity designer Ken Ferns with global travel inspiration for the overall look.

There are some great Indian and international models part of the show to give a global live experience, thumping music and beachfront venues.

<strong>Q: Tell us something about the preparations along with other festivals.</strong>

A: We had to put in a lot of effort on models, designers, locations, and overall fashion team as the last 4-5 months things were shut, teams were skeptical, many people were not even sure how to show up with restrictions. But I think we did a pretty good job with our style partners at COMO Collective, Video and photo teams at Sillhoutte India and Hair &amp; Makeup partners Bina Punjani to create the perfect look!

<strong>Q: The pandemic has caused major events to be postponed or canceled. How big is the impact on the event industry?</strong>

A: The fashion industry has been badly hit, there have been no shows, the models, designers, technicians and the entire ecosystem is waiting for the good times to come again when things were colorful, energetic and people really dressed up! We feel it's all about the energy and someone has to take that first step…which we at India Beach Fashion Week has taken.

The road for revival will be with the innovators and fashion stakeholders to take a dive into creating a new business ecosystem by mixing tech with the live experience. The path may be long but not impossible…we will get there!

<strong>Q: What role technology can play in its revival in a post-pandemic era?</strong>

A: I think technology has a major role to play as both shows and businesses need a platform to showcase and sell and if not complete physical it will have to be a unique combination of LiveTech.

<strong>Q: What changes can one expect in the Covid free era?</strong>

A: I think the industry will get more practical in its approach. People will realize the importance of multi-tasking and innovation in any business. The hustle and thrive to succeed will depend on how fast, innovative, and technology-centric one is, it will be a new creative world!.