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Falguni Shane Peacock's collection focuses on the new age bride

Falguni Shane Peacock's collection focuses on the new age bride

<p id="content">Designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock forayed into a full-fledged bridal segment with the launch of their latest couture collection at the digital India Couture Week (ICW), being held digitally for the very first time.</p>
The duo presented a fashion film titled "Spectacle Prive" which featured Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor as the showstopper. Directed by the designers, the fashion film recreates all the hustle-bustle happening behind the scenes of real-time fashion shows.

IANSlife spoke to the duo to know more about their collection, the experience of a virtual fashion show and the pros and cons of the digital format. Read excerpts:

<strong>Tell us more about the collection. What is it inspired of?</strong>

Falguni: The collection is inspired by the rich heritage, culture, architectural marvels, and the abundant flora fauna of Jaipur – 'The Pink City'. The city fuels the collections' creative ingenuity and its element percolates in the designs. We have forayed full-fledged into the bridal segment the very first time and the showcase includes bespoke bridal lehengas in classic red – a colour that is immensely significant to the Indian bride.

<strong>How was the experience of being a part of a virtual fashion show?</strong>

Shane: The experience was exciting. Planning things for this year's India Couture Week was similar to a certain extent to our previous physical shows. The rush of showcasing something different, the designing and creative processes is just the same. That said, we are happy to be a part of India Couture Week's first digital showcase.

<strong>How do you think the audience takes to the whole virtual experience?</strong>

Falguni: We believe the virtual experience is a great format as we will be able to reach out to a wider audience across the world as compared to a physical fashion show. It is definitely a more disruptive and democratic format. People who may not have had access to fashion weeks will now be able to see the collections through a lens of curiosity and excitement.

<strong>What are the most important points to keep in mind while showcasing a collection virtually?</strong>

Shane: The most important thing to keep in mind is the storytelling should be clean and crisp and of course the purpose of the film is to show the concept thus engaging the audience.

<strong>What are the pros and cons of holding virtual fashion shows?</strong>

Falguni: If you plan things properly, then you can overcome any challenge. Since we had enough time on hand to prepare for our collection as well as for our shoot, these challenges don't seem insurmountable. The challenge of social distancing, reduced staff, remote working can be taken care of with the right mindset and planning. We have planned for these new ways of working and we had enough time to prepare a breathtaking new collection..