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Contemporary Couture with Amit Aggarwal

Contemporary Couture with Amit Aggarwal

<p id="content">"As we experience the world through the safety of our homes, the oceans continue to churn, the wind continues to blow and the sky still holds her secrets and celebration from sunrise to twilight. Their freedom and lightness is a promise of new beginnings every moment," says designer Amit Aggarwal as he launched his latest couture collection on Day 2 of the first-ever digital edition of the India Couture Week (ICW) .</p>
The self-confessed traditionalist has reinvented the wheel so to speak when it comes to traditional ensembles. "We constantly try and evolve the language of modern Indian craftsmanship. I think the pandemic has really got us all thinking about a higher responsibility towards our surroundings and nature. I feel nature has played a very important role in this collection," reveals the designer.

Aggarwal captures nature through "the weightlessness of the ocean, the caress of the wind, and cradles the earth" with this collection in a dramatic underwater show, which played on various FDCI platforms for five minutes.

Staying true to the vision of futuristic fashion and use of industrial material and signature polymers, the designer presented three dimensional, hand-embroidered blouses in pearl and industrial yarn, paired with structured handwoven metallic polymer lehenga, striped structured lehengas complimented b structured lace palla, three-dimensional, hand-embroidered blouses in pearl and yarns. The ensembles also consisted of three dimensional molded blouses with lace and metallic polymer details.

"Couture for me is a feeling of wearing an outfit that is made especially for you, embodying your spirit and aesthetic. We always tread a balance of the surreal and functionality of the garment and it's exciting to translate that vision into a digital experience. At the heart of it is our constant brand story of intricate craftsmanship and hand embroidery," says the designer.

Through his show, Aggarwal also launched his website which offers sarees and lehengas, dresses, separates and his luxury pret line..