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Chhattisgarh Woman Reports Triple Talaq

While Triple Talaq Has Become A Criminal Offence, Deep Within The Indian Territory The Outlawed Muslim Practice Of Instant Divorce Continues To Wreak Havoc For Many Females.

Reports Emerged Today From Kelhari In Koriya District Of Chhattisgarh Of A Woman Accusing Her Husband Of Giving Triple Talaq Just Because She Didn’t Relent To His Demand Of Rs 1 Lakh (Approximately $1,400) For Starting A New Business. Before The Criminalization Of The Practice, A Muslim Man Could Divorce His Wife Just By Uttering Word ‘Talaq’ (Meaning ‘Divorce’) Just Three Times.

The Woman Concerned Alleged That Her Husband Threatened To Kill Her If His In-Laws Didn’t Accede To The Demand And If She Reported The Matter To The Local Police.

The Chhattisgarh Woman, However, Had The Courage To Go Public. Unfortunately, Many Muslim Women, Especially The Not-So Educated Ones And Living In Poor Conditions In Indian Villages, Still Suffer On Account Of This Practice.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Has Gone All Out To Eradicate The Practice Though. It May Be Noted That Triple Talaq Has Been A Major Political Issue Which Most Parties Steered Clear Of. The Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, However, Has Been Vocal For Decades For Reforms In Muslim Society.

The Supreme Court Had In 2017 Banned Triple Talaq, Terming It “Unconstitutional.” The Move Kicked Off A Huge Debate But The Modi Government, Not To The Surprise Of Many, Received Loads Of Accolades From Muslim Women All Over The Country, Many Of Whom Were Even Divorced Over Phone Or SMS By Their Husbands Over Trivial Issues.

The Government Braved Many A Storm Over The Ban. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Famously Said In 2017, “Don’t Weigh The Bill On The Scales Of Politics. It Is About Insaniyat (Humanity) And Insaaf (Justice) For Women.”

Nationalist Congress Party MP Supriya Sule Continues To Speak In Favor Of Triple Talaq, Saying Every Family Dispute Shouldn’t Be Criminalized.

The Reality, As The Latest Case Proves, Remains Depressing. Muslim Women Are Still Facing The Wrath And Some Brave Amongst Them Are Reporting The Matter To Police..