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22 girl changemakers takeover social media handles of corporate, diplomats

22 girl changemakers takeover social media handles of corporate, diplomats

<p id="content">22 girl changemakers from across nine Indian states are set to take over the social media handles of leading corporates, diplomatic missions and media houses by leveraging their online presence to highlight the important message of girls having space and opportunity to share their ambitions and solutions to mark the International Day of the Girl (IDG).</p>
These girls will be drawing attention to the significance of girls having the right to decide on the matters which concern them, showcase their potential as agents of change and engage in meaningful and contributory dialogues on key social media platforms to further the cause of girls' rights and equality.

Since 2016, the year that heralded the first-ever Girls' Takeovers, thousands of girls in India and world-over have taken over positions of power. The girls' takeovers to mark the IDG has included girls taking over important positions like those of Presidents, Ambassadors, CEOs and Chief Editors as part of a larger effort to strengthen gender equality at all level in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) commitments.

Given the new normal created by the social distancing as a key prevention to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the event goes virtual while ensuring that their voices and solutions continue to be heard.

A number of girls have been recognized by the government and media for their immense contributions. Starting at an early age in Plan India's programs, the girls have progressed through Child Clubs, Adolescent Girls' Groups, thematic working groups, and technical and governance committees, to be part of State and National Youth Advisory Panels and Children's Assemblies among others.

The Girl Changemakers were selected from across nine plan intervention states – New Delhi, Uttarakhand, Odisha, Bihar, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Jharkhand.

Prominent sports personalities and artists Kamakshi Khanna, Mallik sisters: Tashi &amp; Nungshi, Ria Patiala and Tania Sachdev also joined forces' with Plan India and held interactive sessions with the Girl Changemakers sharing their inspiring and unique stories.

Girl Changemaker Prajitha from Andhra Pradesh is taking over the social media handle of the High Commissioner of Canada, Nadir Patel, in India said: "I am grateful to Plan India for giving us a platform to showcase our capabilities. I am very excited to lead the social media handle of the High Commissioner of Canada to raise awareness on issues that are extremely close to my heart. Just like I have been able to uplift myself, I want all the girls in the world to dream of a better future and work towards achieving it."

Globally, Girls Takeovers will take place across 65 countries with hundreds of girls taking charge and sharing the physical and digital platforms of power holders.

Mohammed Asif, Executive Director, Plan India, said: "At Plan India, it is our endeavour to further strengthen the rights and well-being for all girls by creating opportunities and interventions that enable girls in India to achieve their full potential. On the occasion of the International Day of the Girls, we appreciate the incredible efforts for girls' rights and gender equality that are being done by the government, civil society actors and in which girls themselves are the leading actors. The Social Media Takeovers and partnerships with the diplomatic missions, corporates and media houses showcases the immense potential of these Girl Changemakers and shares their stories of determination and passion to improve their own lives and that of all girls in India.".