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Baloch leader questions Canada for not investigating murder of Baloch activist Karima Baloch

Will Canada investigate Karima Baloch's death?

The President of Baloch Voice Association (BVA), Munir Mengal on Tuesday questioned the Canadian authorities for not investigating the “mysterious” death of Human rights activist, Karima Baloch and requested them to public the evidence they found in the case.

Karima Baloch was found dead in Toronto in 2020.

“To the Canadian government and particularly to the Prime Minister of Canada, we Baloch are looking to your organization and we are asking you please do reinvestigate the case of Karima Baloch and whatever facts your organizations, your authorities, your police has. Please publish that and give us under what circumstances she was killed and who was behind that killing,” Mengal said.

BVA President shared that a document was given to the Canadian government to seek response from them about the update in the case but he said they didn’t get any follow-up from the Canadian authorities.

He added, “We submitted a document to the Canadian embassy and they said that we will contact our government and we will reply you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, approximately three years passed. Till now, we have not received any information from the Canadian authorities when Karima was eliminated. And after that, we saw a statement by the police authorities that there’s no wrong doing in the case of her death.”

Claiming that his organisation has lots of evidence against the Pakistan security force ISI and alleged that ISI is behind the killing of Baloch based Human rights activists.

Mengal further said, “Baloch people, we as an organization, we have a lot of evidences that in such sort of cases there’s the Pakistani secret services that’s called ISI. And she’s very much notorious and she has a lot of experience with respect to this. And there are many cases and incidents that Pakistani security forces ISI has done this sort of killings where their hands are masked.”

Karima Baloch was a Baloch human rights activist and a dissident. She was granted asylum in Canada in 2016. She was found dead after having gone missing in Dec 2020 in Toronto.

She was slated to be buried on January 25, but, before the corpse could be transported from Karachi to Balochistan, Pakistani authorities forcibly took Karima’s body along with her family from the airport to her hometown, Balochwarna reported.

Later, she was buried under Army watch as thousands who came to pay their last respect weren’t allowed near her, the Balochistan Times reported. Prior to her burial, the mobile services were suspended in the district, and Tump and surrounding areas were put under strict lockdown.

Karima’s death sparked protests across Europe and North America as the Baloch diaspora took to the streets in Toronto, Berlin and Netherlands calling on the Canadian government to investigate.

Karima had campaigned vigorously against the disappearances and human rights violations in the troubled Balochistan province of Pakistan.

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