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Watch: Black bear causing scare on Srinagar streets captured

A black bear and its cub who had caused a panic among the residents of Srinagar have been captured

The residents of Srinagar breathed a sigh of relief as a black bear and its cub were captured by the wildlife authorities. The two animals who had been straying around in the Capital of Jammu and Kashmir for the last two days had caused a panic.


In a video statement Altaf Hussain, Srinagar Wildlife Warden informed that the bear and cub had been trapped after a 21-hour-long operation around 3 a.m. on Monday. “This area is safe now. People can move around. Students can go to school now.”

The operation required keeping a constant watch for the bear and the cub and this was tough as there are many houses there and contiguous with other localities.

Hussain said the two animals will be released in the Dachigam national park. “They were not injured and will be sent back into the wild.”

The two creatures had been spotted in the area on Sunday morning and there was fear in the Jawahar Nagar, Lal Mandi, Gogji Bagh and Raj Bagh localities. The residents immediately alerted the wildlife authorities while police, Central Reserve Police Force and other officials joined the operation to find and trap the animals.

There was only one incident in which a local person was injured when the bear attacked him in Lal Mandi area. He was fortunately not badly injured and was rushed for treatment to the hospital.