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Kashmiri digital artist excels on global stage

Asma Mir

Asma Mir, a Kashmiri digital artist, is making waves on the global stage with her artwork.

Born in Pulwama, Asma, a 12th standard student, started to pursue digital art from the very beginning, by running a page called ‘Illustrations’ on social media. Asma said she uses digital technology to depict different things and sketches in digital format.

“I received my education from a local school till matriculation. Since my childhood, I was very much interested in the arts. I used to draw whatever my school assigned. Sometimes, our teacher would tell us to draw pictures of our choice,” Asma said.

Through her work, which has earned appreciation worldwide, she also started making a living.

“Initially, I used to do pencil sketch. Later, I went to water colour. A few years back, I got to know a lot about this profession. I started to draw with the help of a phone my parents bought for me. I also watched art tutorials on YouTube,” Asma added.

Initially, her parents did not support her and told her to focus on her studies,

But after seeing her work getting recognition far and wide, they were forced to rethink their decision and started to support her by getting her an iPad and other essential equipment necessary for her work.

Riyaz Ahmad Mir, her father, told ANI, “I saw the special talent Asma had as she grew up. I supported her to follow her passion. I told her to continue with her plans. She chose digital art. I told her to explain her new profession to know if she was not wasting her time.”

After Asma started posting about her art on social media, she got an overwhelming response from customers in many countries, giving her art international recognition and fame.

“As my interest started to grow, I started to learn more about this profession. I started to do more practice,” Asma added.

After securing her financial position, Asma is now striving to establish herself as an international artist.

“I have started working as a freelancer. I brought an iPad and started to work with it, “Asma said.