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Watch: Dancing snowflakes of Kashmir

Fresh snowfall in Kashmir provided panoramic views for the locals and visiting tourists (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@Farhat_naik_)

People in Kashmir were greeted in the morning by a fresh round of snowfall. While the snow has affected the visibility and the air traffic, it provided spectacular views for the locals as well as tourists, thronging the region.

The falling snow also provided a great opportunity for people to shoot the event and post it on Twitter.

At Srinagar, the snowflakes came down gently making the viewers feel as if they were watching a dance performance.


As compared to the slow snowing at Srinagar, Anantnag district experienced heavy fall. Coming down at a fast pace, the snow quickly covered the streets and one can see small children, office-goers and students making their way through the falling snow. The entire place is covered in a sheet white.


Travelling by road during snowfall even when the traffic is slow is enchanting. This is evident from the footage showing a convoy of vehicles at Gulmarg, making their way on the road with both sides of the road covered in a white blanket of snow.