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Azad says as J&K CM he sent report on terror-linked leaders to Delhi but PM took no action

Ghulam Nabi Azad

Srinagar: Former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Ghulam Nabi Azad claims to have sent a detailed report on terror-linked politicians of the erstwhile State to the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government which was completely ignored by the then Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, and then Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil ignored it and did not take any action.

“When I was the Chief Minister (in 2005-08), I sent a detailed report to the then Prime Minister and Home Minister (Dr Manmohan Singh and Shivraj Patil) on some mainstream politicians’ links to terrorists those days. I didn’t send it on hearsay. It was based on proof. I don’t know when that report will see the light of the day”, Azad told Times Now TV in an interview in Jammu.

Azad, who has also worked as a Union Minister and a Member of the Parliament in the Congress governments for several terms and has early this year severed his 45-year-long association with the party, said that he used to get reports about some J&K politicians’ links to terrorists as Chief Minister of the State.

“Since I do not believe in hearsay, I tried to gather all the concrete proofs and then sent a detailed report to the then Prime Minister and the then Home Minister of India. But unfortunately there was no action,” Azad revealed in the interview.

When asked whether the alleged terror links of the J&K politicians and New Delhi’s inaction persisted due to the Congress regime’s soft stance towards terrorism, Azad said there were certain “double agents” who befooled New Delhi by projecting themselves as great nationalists and mainstream leaders. “I don’t know when such people will meet their fate”, he asserted.

On being asked whether such people were still in the business in Jammu and Kashmir, Azad said, ” I will not like to comment on individuals whether they are now in the business or not. We had great hope from this regime but nothing happened even now. Every political party wants to expand its mass base. There may be compulsions of some of them,” Azad remarked without mentioning any names.

While responding to another question, Azad said that India’s relations with Pakistan would never improve till the Army in Pakistan rules the roost. “The Prime Minister or President in Pakistan has to follow the diktats of the Pakistani Army. This is an open truth. In fact, the Pakistani Army is a big obstacle in improving relations between Pakistan and India,” Azad asserted.

“Every PM right from Nehru to Vajpayee and even Narendra Modi took the lead and tried to improve relations with Pakistan. But the result is in front of you. The Army of that country does not want peace in the region due to its own vested interests. The people in Pakistan know it well. I have been to the Siachen Glacier where our troops live in massive snow and hostile weather conditions. It’s a veritable hell for anybody where temperature dips to minus 40 degrees. Their jawans are also facing this all”.

Good relations with the neighbours, whether it is Pakistan or China, are good for us as well as those countries,” said the veteran politician who has lately floated Democratic Azad Party, beginning with his home state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Supporting the Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who believes India should talk only to its own youths and the people, not to Pakistan, over the Kashmir issue, Azad said, ” Why should we talk to outsiders? They would exploit the situation and speak whatever is in their favour or suits them. We should not play in the hands of outsiders. This is the issue of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and it should be resolved by talking to our own youth and people. The efforts must be on bringing our own people into the mainstream,” Azad said.