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Army playing a vital role in J&K for Covid awareness and vaccination

The Indian Army conducted an awareness drive and a Covid-19 vaccination camp at Galuthi in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district (All pictures courtesy @prodefencejammu)

Going ahead with their endeavour to help the countrymen during the ongoing pandemic, the Indian Army on June 17 conducted an awareness drive and a Covid-19 vaccination camp at Galuthi. This area is located in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district.

This campaign is in accordance with the “All of Government” approach in combating the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The objective of the public awareness campaign was to dispel myths and half-truths about vaccines and vaccination while also safeguarding people by providing information on possible side effects. The importance and significance of the vaccination was driven home for the villagers.

The whole programme was in two phases which was inclusive of an awareness drive in which the Medical Officer encouraged the local population to get vaccinated. The Officer also went on to explain to them the benefits of doing the same.

In the second phase of the campaign, the Indian Army, in collaboration with Dr Tarif Khan of Manjakote's Primary Health Centre, conducted a vaccination camp for the local population. Those who were inoculated were over the age of.

The local residents of Manjakote and the Sarpanches and beneficiaries expressed their happiness over this awareness and vaccination campaign and conveyed their gratitude to the Indian Army. Locals and prominent figures also joined them in praising the Armed Forces.

In all this vital joint civil-military initiative benefited a total of 188 locals in vaccine administration.

Collaborating with Shaheed Major Rohit Sharma Memorial, an NGO, working for the benefit of the people in the area, an eye camp was held at Mandi, in district Poonch of the Jammu and Kashmir.

Eye camp at Mandi, in district Poonch 

A team of doctors under a joint team of 10 NGOs from Surat in Gujarat State conducted the camp successfully. Besides, keeping in view the ongoing pandemic, an Covid-19 awareness camp was conducted. Also Covid kits were distributed among the people.

Covid-19 Awareness camp at Mandi, in district Poonch 

Playing their part, the Indian Army Medical Patrol too helped out people in the Union Territory. With the aim to increase awareness about Covid vaccination and reach out to the locals, IAMP landed in remote locations of Bimalnag in Kishtwar district.

The Indian Army Medical Patrol attending to the medical needs of residents of Bimalnag in Kishtwar district 

Apart from raising the awareness levels of the locals regarding the Coronavirus and the need for vaccinating against it, the team also distributed safety kits to people to enable them to safeguard against the disease.

Ex-servicemen volunteer as Covid warriors

With the forces leading the campaign to fight Corona in Jammu and Kashmir, ex-servicemen too are not far behind. About 2,500 ex-servicemen from J&K have volunteered to become Covid Warriors. This give a big boost to the Union Territory administration's existing manpower to combat the deadly virus

As many as 171 of these volunteers have already been deployed in various districts of the Union Territory by the civil administration

The campaign is being led by the Sainik Welfare Department, and it has appointed nodal officers at the district, tehsil, and village levels.

To implement the campaign teams of ex-servicemen (ESM) have been formed under the direction of ESM Coordinators. These teams and coordinators will stay in constant and close touch with the local police, village sarpanchs, and revenue officials to coordinate their efforts. To help the civil administrations of the districts, the details about nodal officers and coordinator volunteers will be shared.

Ex-servicemen in Jammu and Kashmir have volunteered as Covid Warriors

These ex-servicemen volunteers will provide services such as raising public awareness, motivating people to get vaccinated, performing security duties, counselling, and crowd control at vaccination clinics and hospitals, among other things.

Going beyond this, in addition, the staff of the Sainik Welfare Department contact ex-servicemen and Veer Naris on a daily basis. This is being done to inquire about their well-being and, if necessary, provide them assistance. Both the aged veterans and Veer Naris have appreciated the care, concern and compassion shown by the department during the pandemic.

The Deputy Commissioners and Chief Medical Officers of the concerned Districts have expressed their gratitude for the ex-selfless servicemen's service.