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YCMH Dean Dr Rajendra Wable gets vaccinated on Saturday.

YCMH Dean Dr Rajendra Wable gets vaccinated on Saturday.

“IT IS the best return gift received for all the hard work my team put in the past several months. Never dreamt that my name would be included among the first batch of vaccine recipients,” said an elated Dr Trupti Sagale, senior medical officer at Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital (YCMH), in Pimpri on Saturday.

Dr Sagale was too busy to get herself vaccinated before lunchtime owing to her multiple responsibilities as a team lead. From overseeing the flow of incoming registered beneficiaries, guiding them through the vaccination process and monitoring their health after they get the shot, the YCMH team did it all by appearing fully geared on the first day of the world’s largest vaccination drive against Covid-19. Leading from the front, YCMH Dean Dr Rajendra Wable was the first to take the Covishield shot around 11.15am when the drive began at the centre. The hospital had stocked 130 Covishield vials that arrived at the hospital in the wee hours on January 13.

Since the vaccine’s arrival on campus, the medical staff have experienced immense relief and happiness. “After working round-the-clock under tremendous stress, this day is truly a historic one for us,” said Yashaswita Bankhele, public health nurse and centre in-charge at YCMH.