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World looks up to India for global economic growth, says President Murmu on eve of Independence Day

President Droupadi Murmu (Image courtesy: Twitter/@rashtrapatibhvn)

President Droupadi Murmu on Monday urged the citizens to move forward “with the spirit of harmony and brotherhood” to realise the dreams of nation-builders.

In her address to the nation on the eve of the 77th Independence Day, President Murmu mentioned that India has not only regained its rightful place on the world stage but also enhanced its standing in the international order.

“Independence Day is an occasion to reconnect with our history. It is also an occasion to assess our present and reflect about our way forward,” said the President.

“During my visits and interactions with the members of the Indian diaspora, I have observed a new confidence in the India story. India is playing a crucial role in promoting developmental and humanitarian goals around the world,” she added.

President Murmu mentioned that New Delhi assuming the leadership of international forums, especially the presidency of G-20, is a unique opportunity to help shape global discourse in the right direction.

“G-20 represents two-thirds of the world population… India can nudge decision-making in trade and finance towards equitable progress. Beyond trade and finance, matters of human development too are on the agenda,” she said.

In her second speech as President of India, Murmu stated that the world looks up to India for global economic growth.

She praised the government and the Reserve Bank for having managed to protect the common people from high inflation while also providing a more extensive security cover to the poor.

“The continued economic progress is driven by a two-pronged strategy. On the one hand, there is a sustained push to unleash the forces of enterprise by making it easier to do business and generate job opportunities.

“On the other, proactive and expanded welfare initiatives for the needy have been taken in various domains. Giving priority to the deprived remains the focus of our policies and actions that have lifted a large number of people out of poverty in the last decade”.