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Watch: PM’s rousing welcome at Mysuru  boosts  BJP’s prospects in Karnataka polls

Prime Minister's roadshow at Mysuru was spectacular as people lined up in thousands to greet him

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Sunday roadshow in Mysuru, Karnataka — which is going to polls soon — is sure to give a boost to Bharatiya Janata Party’s prospects of coming back for the second time in the State.

Wrapping up his two-day campaign tour during which the PM addressed six rallies, with this massive roadshow, it was like Modi came, saw and conquered.

Sitting atop a specially made vehicle, the PM was visibly thrilled to see the reception and enjoying every moment, he continuously waved and greeted the milling crowd on either side of the road. On his Twitter PM captioned a series of pictures of the show by writing: “An unprecedented evening in Mysore! Humbled by people’s affection.” In another post, he described the evening as “spectacular”.

Mysuru district is significant politically as it is the home turf of Opposition leader Siddaramaiah, PM’s bitter critic and the show whose duration was for more than hour was to blunt this effect.

The roadshow started at Gun House junction and came to an end near Abul Kalam Azad junction. Adding his unique touch, PM walked for around 300 metres at the end of the show. Folk artists numbering 25 gave various performances during the roadshow. People wore their traditional attire to welcome the PM, making the whole procession colourful.