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Watch: PM Modi unveils roadmap for massive employment in tune with “Viksit Bharat” goal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi distributed appointment letters to more than 71,000 new appointees at 45 locations across the country today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday distributed 71,000 employment letters for youth in the government sector and unveiled a clear roadmap for massive employment riding on India’s “Viksit Bharat” or developed country journey that will take a breather in 2047.

PM Modi stressed that every scheme of the Government of India, every policy is creating new employment opportunities for the youth. In the last 9 years, the Government of India has spent about Rs 34 lakh crore on capital expenditure.

Citing infrastructure development as a major driver for jobs, PM Modi said that prior to 2014, the country’s rural road network spanned less than 4 lakh kilometres, but it has since expanded to over 7.25 lakh kms. In terms of air travel infrastructure, the country only had 74 airports before 2014. Today, this number has surged to about 150.

He also cited the role quality foreign investment in India in generating jobs, citing Walmart’s commitment of initiating exports worth Rs 80,000 crore from India.

Cisco’s CEO has also expressed plans to export goods made in India valued at Rs 8,000 crore, the PM Modi said, adding that Apple’s CEO showed optimism about the prospects of mobile manufacturing in India. Foxconn has also begun to channel thousands of crores of investment in India.

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