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Watch: Plane makes emergency landing at HAL airport in Bengaluru after technical snag

Screengrab from the video

A Fly-by-wire Premier 1A aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) airport in Bengaluru on Tuesday due to a technical snag.

The pilots of the plane on a flight from the HAL airport to Bengaluru International Airport made an air turnback  as the nose landing gear could not be retracted after take-off, according to a DGCA statement.

“The aircraft safely landed with the nose gear in up position. There were two pilots, and no passengers were on board,” the DGCA said.

Fly-by-wire planes use computers to process the flight control inputs made by the pilot or autopilot, and send corresponding electrical signals to the flight control surface actuators. This arrangement replaces mechanical linkage and means that the pilot inputs do not directly move the control surfaces. Instead, inputs are read by a computer that in turn determines how to move the control surfaces to best achieve what the pilot wants.