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Watch: How Amritpal Singh raised armed anti-India force, conducted firearms training at range

Amritpal Singh and his group’s plan was to foment further trouble in Punjab

Punjab Police on Friday released several incriminating videos recovered from the phone of Tejinder Singh Gill, alias Gorkha Baba, the arrested gunman of the fugitive president of the Khalistani outfit ‘Waris Punjab De’ Amritpal Singh.

The videos show members of Anandpur Khalsa Fouj (AKF) learning the usage of firearms in a firing range set up on the banks of a river in Amritpal’s village Jallupur Khera in Amritsar district.

The videos made public by Khanna Police reveal how Amritpal was creating an anti-India force and inciting youths of the region. The AKF outfit members were also seen donning body armour.

Pakistan-backed Amritpal Singh is on the run since March 18 and a massive manhunt has been launched by Punjab Police and security agencies to nab him.

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