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Watch: Brave Railway cop saves man from being crushed by train at Mumbai station

Screengrab from the video

Showing great presence of mind and quick reflexes, a brave Railway Protection Force jawan saved the life of  a passenger who fell while trying to board a running train at Mumbai’s Bandra station.

Western Railway posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday that shows a man carrying a heavy suitcase, running to catch a train as he appears to have arrived late at the station. With the train already having picked up speed and the burden of the bulky suitcase weighing him down, the man stumbles and is being dragged by the train as he has one hand on the door to the compartment.

Constable Sushil Kumar, who was standing on the platform moved in with lightning speed and pulled the man away from the train in the nick of time to prevent him from getting crushed between the train and platform.

“Promptness & presence of mind of RPF Constable Sushil Kumar saved the life of a passenger who was trying to board running Train no. 12471 Swaraj Express at BDTS, slipped & pulled him away from the moving train. Passengers are requested not to board/alight a running train,” the Western Railway wrote in the tweet.

Indian Railways have been repeatedly asking passengers not to board or disembark from moving trains but incidents like this still appear to be taking place.