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Video: Tiger at Tamil Nadu’s Ooty Golf Course

Screengrab from the video

A video showing a tiger at the golf course in Tamil Nadu’s Ooty has gone viral. The clip has been shared by an officer of the Indian Railway Accounts Service, Ananth Rupanagudi on Twitter.


“This was at the edge of the Golf course in Ooty – the big cat with its meal! #tiger #golfcourse.”

The tiger has killed a cow as the carcass can be seen lying in the vicinity. The big cat appears to have partaken of a substantial portion of its prey. The video shows the tiger emerging out of the bushes and standing near its prey.

The video has also triggered a man vs animal debate. While some are of the view that humans have encroached too deep into the forest to set up a gold course, others said the killing of a domestic cow by the tiger is not a good sign and golfers may also be at risk.