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Video: In a revenge killing of a goat, Pakistani villagers axe a crocodile to death

The crocodile which was killed by villagers Mureed Khan Marri village of Pakistan as it had eaten a goat

The crocodile killed their goat and in revenge, the villagers killed the reptile with an axe.

A video shared by Pakistan’s Express Tribune showed  that villagers hired professionals who caught the crocodile, which was then transported in a mini truck.

“We have caught it and now will hand it over to the owner of the goat and will get paid,” says one poacher.

Watch Video :

The incident took place in Mureed Khan Marri village, near Karachi. Last month a langur monkey was shot dead for ‘teasing’ a women of the same village.

Killing of Mugger crocodiles is prohibited as the species has been listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List since 1982.

According to Pakistani wildlife activists, there is no awareness among the local people about the value of wildlife around and the wildlife department of the Pakistani government is  aware of these killings. 

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