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Video: Daring rescue of mother & child stranded on rock in raging waterfall at Attur in Tamil Nadu

TN forest dept carries out daring rescue of woman, child stranded at waterfall.

A daring rescue operation carried out by forest department officials and volunteers in Tamil Nadu’s Attur tourist resort to save a mother and her child who were stuck  on a rock amidst a raging waterfall as gone viral.

The video shows a woman clutching her baby, precariously balancing on a rock amid the raging waters of the Anaivari Muttal. She is stranded and unable to climb up the steep rocky surface even as the water is rising.  The Tamil Nadu forest officials then climb up the rock and rescue the mother and the child, while panic-stricken onlookers on the other side of the falls are yelling and warning the men to not climb the rock as they might fall into the water.

The video shows the forest officials using a rope to reach the woman. She hands over the baby to the officials, who climb up to safety. The woman is then pulled up by volunteers accompanying the forest officials.

Even as the woman is safely rescued, the video ends with two volunteers losing their balance and falling into the water. However, according to reports, both of them were good swimmers and came out safely

The Anaivari Muttal falls is a popular tourist destination in Salem district’s Attur.

There has been all round appreciation of dare-devil rescue mission including from Chief Minister MK Stalin.