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Taliban sacks popular woman news anchor in Afghanistan

Shabnam Dawran working for Radio Television Afghanistan has been barred from entering office for work (Pic Courtesy shethepeople.tv)

A woman journalist in Afghanistan has been denied entry into her TV station after the takeover of the country by the Taliban following withdrawal of the US troops.

In a video, which has been posted online, Shabnam Dawran has asked for help. Donning a hijab and displaying her office identity card, Dawran, who is a popular news anchor, said, "our lives are under threat".

In their earlier regime which was from 1996 to 2001,Taliban had barred women and girls from several walks of life, including school, colleges, offices, etc. This time round they had presented a softer image by claiming that education and work will be open for women, while media independence and freedom was assured.

Dawran, who has been a scribe for six years working for the Radio Television Afghanistan, which is owned by State, was not allowed entry while her male colleagues were.

In the video she said: "I didn't give up after the change of system and went to attend my office, but unluckily I was not allowed despite showing my office card. The male employees, those with office cards were allowed to enter the office but I was told that I couldn't continue my duty because the system has been changed."

She further added in the video a plea to all viewers that, "those who are listening to me, if the world hears me, then please help us as our lives are under threat."

Miraqa Popal, Editor at Tolo News, a 24×7 news channel in Afghanistan, shared this video and said: "Taliban didn't allow my ex-colleague here in @TOLOnews and famous anchor of the State-owned @rtapashto Shabnam Dawran to start her work today.”

This was shared by Popal on August 18, Wednesday.