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Smriti Irani reaches out to Amethi by 'Aapki Didi, Aapke Dwar' initiative

Smriti Irani reaches out to Amethi by 'Aapki Didi, Aapke Dwar' initiative

<div>Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani has taken a special public hearing initiative by launching ‘Aapki Didi, 'Aapke Dwar' program on July 13. The program is aimed at redressing via e-Choupals the grievances of the people of her parliamentary constituency Amethi.</div>
<div>The people of Amethi call her 'Didi' and have appreciated this initiative by Irani as their grievances are resolved within 24 to 48 hours.</div>
<div>For example, half a dozen families from Amethi's Palia West and Koilara Mubarakpur got ration cards within 24 hours after they informed Irani about it. People of Maraucha Tetarpur in Jagdishpur complained of a lack of electricity to Smriti Irani, on whose instructions, electric poles, and wires were installed in the village after 24 hours.</div>
Irani also arranged for the treatment of sick people in Bhikipur. The Lok Sabha MP from Amethi yesterday directed officials via e-Choupal to redress the problems of the people of Raipur Phulwari, Bhewai, Khanpur Buzurg, and Bhetua.

When e-chaupal was started on July 13 for the first time through video-conferencing for the people of Shahbazpur, Balabhadrapur, Dullapur and Bhikipur villages of Amethi, people spoke directly to Smriti Irani. Through video-conferencing, Irani heard the problems of all complainants and instructed the officials concerned to take action.

On July 14, Smriti Irani listened to the problems faced by people of Maraucha Tetarpur of Jagdishpur, Gyaspur, Palia West, and Nihalgarh Saidapatti villages.

Irani's representative Vijay Gupta told IANS, "E-Choupals are being organized at the panchayat-level to address the grievances of the people of Amethi. In nearly 100 panchayats of Amethi, such choupals will be organized, which will enable people in 600-gram panchayats to have their grievances redressed by Irani. The aim is to timely overcome the problems of the people of Amethi during the corona pandemic."

Members of Smriti Irani's team present in Amethi say though as a Union minister Irani is busier than other MPs, she always keeps an eye on Amethi. Irani has visited Amethi several times after winning the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

During the lockdown, she was in constant touch from Delhi with the people of Amethi through virtual platforms. She regularly reviews development, and law and order through video-conferencing with the DM and SP of Amethi, supervising the conduct of relief operations to the public. By organizing e-Choupals for the public hearing, she ensures the problems faced by the public are addressed by the officials concerned.</div>.