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Savarkar vs Jinnah in JNU

Savarkar vs Jinnah in JNU

<strong>IN Bureau:</strong> A fresh controversy has erupted in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) after Veer Savarkar Marg board was blackened and a poster of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah pasted on it Monday overnight.

The decision to rename the road in campus was taken in November last year.

A photograph of the vandalized board, which went immediately viral, was tweeted by a Delhi University professor Abhinav Prakash. “Left-wing vandals in JNU ‘rename’ Savarkar Marg as Jinnah Marg. Anyone who says ‘tukde-tukde’ gang is figment of one’s imagination is a liar. JNU left openly calls for balkanization of India and admires likes of Jinnah for doing it,” Prakash tweeted.

The latest incident is another blow to university’s image which has already become a hotbed of political activism.

Not too long ago a statue of Swami Vivekananda was also vandalized in the campus and objectionable messages put on it.

“JNU is den of Anti-Nationals, after Tukde Tukde they now deface Veer Sarvarkar sign &amp; paste Jinnah on it. If you like Jinnah so much, go to Pakistan,” tweeted Ishkaran Singh Bhandari, an advocate and activist.

However, student leaders are not relenting and continue fanning the flames. JNUSU’s student union leader Aishe Ghosh had tweeted the picture of the Veer Savarkar Marg board and said: “It’s a shame to the legacy of JNU that this man’s name has been put in this university. Never did the university had space for Savarkar and his stooges and never will it have.”.