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PPE suits, masks dumped by film shoot crew in Goa village

<p id="content">The Goa government's Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) today issued a show-cause notice to a local line producer, engaged by a Mumbai-based Bollywood production house for a film shoot, for dumping the PPE suits and other protective medical gear, used during a film shoot in a public waste bin in a beach village, earlier this week.</p>
Speaking to reporters, Amit Satija, chief executive officer of the Society — a Goa government agency which regulates film shoots protocol and permissions — said that a show-cause notice had been issued to the line producer for irresponsibly dumping PPEs and other medical paraphernalia like masks and face shields.

"All shooting permissions are processed through a line producer that is registered with us and proper garbage disposal is one of the conditions of the permission. We received some information through social media and based on that we have issued the show-cause notice," Satija said.

The PPE and other protective gear had been dumped in garbage bags, near a public waste bin at the beach village of Nerul in North Goa, after a film shooting schedule earlier this week.

According to the Directorate of Health Services protocol, all medical gear, including PPEs and other gear used for Covid-19 protection should be scientifically disposed of, using incinerators..