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Police arrest Mumbai bank robbers who killed an employee and escaped with Rs.2.5 lakhs

A screen grab of the robbery that took place in State Bank of India branch in Dahisar area of Mumbai in which the miscreants killed an employee and looted Rs.2.5 lakhs

In a daring robbery, a State Bank of India branch located in Mumbai was looted by two robbers, who escaped Rs.2.5 lakh in cash and killing an employee.

The shocking incident was captured on the surveillance cameras, and the footage which is now being investigated has gone viral on social media.

The Video:

Two armed robbers entered into Dahisar (West) branch of SBI, located on Jaywant Sawant Road in MHB Colony, after 3 p.m. One of them armed with a gun asked the cashier to handover the cash.

The miscreants also shot an outsourced employee of the branch. He has been identified as Sandesh Gomane who was shot on his chest and declared dead at the hospital.,

The robbers were donning Covid masks and also scarf and cap to hide their faces.

On receiving information about the heist and killing, police including senior officials Pravin Padwal and Vishal Thakur reached the site along with others.

According to latest reports the two masked robbers have been arrested by MHB police on the charges of murder and armed robbery. Their identities have not been disclosed by cops who claimed that the attackers are locals.

Forming eight teams, the police cracked the case by locating the two with the help of CCTV footage. One of the robbers had left behind his one slipper at the bank and using a sniffer dog the police located him.

The crime branch was also conducting a parallel probe.

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