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PoGB: Locals in Khaplu Valley raise concern over water crisis

Locals in Gilgit Baltistan flag concern over water crisis (Photo: ANI)

Assembly members of the Khaplu Valley in the Ghanche district of Pakistan-occupied Gilgit Baltistan (PoGB) recently expressed their concerns at a conference on the ongoing water crisis in the area.

The people residing in the region continue to face severe shortages of safe drinking water, especially during peak tourism season.

The area is commonly known for its glacial streams and lakes, but despite all this, the residents face water scarcity due to the unavailability of a proper water supply system in the area.

At the conference that took place recently, one of the assembly members flagged that solarization was the only solution, but the project had not been completed due to tenders not being passed by the local administration.

“This water issue is rising in Khaplu with each passing day. It is a big issue for residents as the flow of tourists is also increasing. In hotels, there is no drinking water and there are many other issues due to poor water supply. A tender should be issued again for solarization, lifting and the work to be done in the Ghanche stream. Work should be started immediately. Or else the scheme will have to be revised. And we all know that government has no money,” the member said.

Notably, the residents of the Khaplu Valley are deprived of basic amenities like water due to lack of water supply lines.

This has also taken a toll on the region’s economy as with tourism being a major source of the earnings of people residing in the region, water supply becomes even more crucial, not only for the survival of the families but also to ensure that the businesses and the local economy thrive as well.

Residents of PoGB now blame Pakistan for looting the natural resources of Gilgit Baltistan for more than seven decades.

Additionally, Pakistan has also deprived the locals of PoGB of their basic rights. Moreover, some members of the PoGB assembly conference also made claims that the country has an agenda to keep the region underdeveloped for its benefit.