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PM rubbishes lockdown rumors, asks CMs to get ready for Unlock 2.0

PM rubbishes lockdown rumors, asks CMs to get ready for Unlock 2.0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday rubbished all speculations of reimposition of lockdown, calling all Chief Ministers to "fight rumors", as he asked states and Union Territories to get ready for Unlock 2.0 while being mindful of the challenges.

Addressing Chief Ministers for the second day of the 6th PM-CM video conference to decide on the strategy to fight the pandemic, the Prime Minister told Chief Ministers that there is a "need" to fight "rumors of lockdown".

Social media has been abuzz with the same after rising Covid-19 tally in metros, particularly in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

The Prime Minister told the CMs: "We, now need to focus on phase 2 of the Unlock process, while at the same time, how to minimise any possibilities of harm to citizens."

This was the stance taken by him even in Tuesday's meeting – the first stage of the meeting – where he gave a strong hint of further opening up of the economy while ensuring that basic rules like wearing a mask, maintaining hygiene or observing social distancing are followed strictly.

"We have to always keep in mind that the more we can stop the corona, the more it will stop growing, the more our economy will open, our offices will open, the markets will open, the means of transport will open, and so will new employment opportunities," he had said.

On Wednesday, PM Modi reiterated that India has been able to stop the exponential growth of the pandemic due to timely intervention. He stressed that in India, very few patients are in need of ICU or ventilators. However, as reported earlier by IANS, he laid special emphasis on increased testing, and the need to expand the same health infrastructure.

Key states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar and Telangana were part of Wednesday's meeting..