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No-confidence motion falls flat in Lok Sabha, PM Modi assures Manipur of peace soon, blasts Opposition parties

PM Modi give his reply on no-confidence motion debate in Lok Sabha on Thursday.

The Opposition parties’ no-confidence motion was defeated in the Lok Sabha today with Prime Minister Narendra Modi launching a scathing attack on the political motive behind the move as he promised the people of Manipur that the Centre and state governments would work to restore peace in the state at the earliest.

“The central and state governments are working day and night to punish the accused and bring back peace to the state. I want to reassure the people of Manipur that the entire country stands with them,” PM Modi said.

Lambasting the opposition parties, PM Modi recalled the no-confidence motion moved before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, saying such attempts have proved to be lucky for the BJP in the past. The NDA and BJP will break all records in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, he remarked.

The Prime Minister expressed gratitude to people for showing faith in his government and said that the BJP-led NDA will return to power with a record majority in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

Top quotes from PM Modi’s speech on the floor of the Lok Sabha

•Behaviour of some Opposition parties has made it clear that, for them, the party is bigger than the country. They are worried about their own political future.

•I gave you five years to prepare, but you came unprepared in the House. What kind of debate was done? Aapke darbari bhi dukhi hain. We are hitting centuries and they are delivering no-balls. Why do you not come with preparation? I gave you five years to prepare? Kya haal hai aapka…”

•Why was Adhir ji (LoP Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary) sidelined? Maybe you got a call from Kolkata. The Congress insults him again and again… We have sympathy with Adhir ji.

•This is a very crucial time period…. it’s a golden opportunity for India. We have a huge responsibility in this period. Our aim should be to work for the country and the people.

•Their favourite dialogue is ‘Modi teri kabar khudegi‘. Opposition leaders have a secret blessing. Whoever they curse, only prospers. They kept saying things about HAL and the defence sector, but today the HAL registered its highest-ever revenue. Share marketers should invest in companies the Opposition abuses.

•When we say that India will become the third-largest economy, the Opposition should ask questions on the roadmap or give suggestions. But the Opposition says India will reach there on its own. It means they have no neeyat or niti (intent or policy).

•“In 2028, when you bring another no-confidence motion. we will be the third-largest economy. Congress party and their allies have a history of always doubting India.”

•We have seen their love for Pakistan. Kashmir was burning with terrorism, but the Congress trusted the Hurriyat and people holding Pakistan flags. We did surgical and air strikes, but they don’t trust our forces. They trust the people who speak against India. They love to defame India. They don’t trust made-in-India vaccines.

This is not INDIA gathbandhan, this is ghamandiya gathbandhan.

•In Bengal, you (Congress) are against TMC; in Delhi you are together. Last year in Kerala’s Wayanad, people who vandalised the Congress office are today fighting alongside it. How will you hide these sins from the people of India? All of them want to be the PM.

•How is the son of a poor family sitting here in Parliament, this still troubles them. It does not let them sleep. In 2024, the people will not let you sleep.

•I want to warn the people of the country. This ghamandiya gathbandhan is guarantee of bankrupt India, policy paralysis, corruption, appeasement politics and dynasty politics. They can never give a guarantee to make India the third largest economy, but I can give a guarantee to bring India among the top three economies.

•Congress has a history of dividing India. All this happened under Indira Gandhi’s leadership. IAF strikes were ordered in Mizoram by the Congress government. Our own countrymen were attacked by its own government.

•For us, Northeast is a piece of our heart. The Home Minister said this yesterday but I would like to reiterate that it is the Congress which started all this in the Northeast. All this happened under Congress rule. Congress is the mother of all problems in the Northeast. Their pain and sympathy is selective.

•I would like to request that when you bring no confidence motion in 2028, please come prepared. Parliament is not a place for politics.

It was very evident from the outset that the no-confidence motion moved by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi on behalf of the united Opposition would be defeated. The BJP has an overwhelming support of majority members in Lok Sabha with 301 MPs of its own while the NDA has a total of 325 MPs in Lok Sabha. Besides, the BJD with 12 MPs had also announced that it would oppose the no-confidence motion. The Opposition alliance, on the other hand, has a total strength of around 140 MPs in Lok Sabha