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Navy’s stellar role in 1971 war to be showcased on Republic Day

The brass band of the Indian Navy will be led by Sumesh Rajan, Master Chief Petty Officer (Musician) Class II

Indian Navy's stellar role as a credible force during the 1971 India-Pakistan war will be showcased during the Republic Day parade on January 26 at the Rajpath in New Delhi.

Talking about the Republic Day parade, Vice Admiral S.N. Ghormade said, "Traditionally, the Naval Tableau paraded during the Republic Day Parade is aligned with the Navy's theme for the year. This year's theme is Indian Navy – Combat Ready, Credible and Cohesive."

He said that the nation is commemorating the golden jubilee of the victory in 1971 war as Swarnim Vijay Varsh and Indian Navy proved its mettle as a credible force to reckon in 1971 war proving its combat efficiency.

So this year's tableau aims to showcase the Navy's role in 1971 Indo-Pakistan war.

The forward part of the tableau showcases the attack on Karachi harbour by missile boats. "The attacks were undertaken as part of Operation Trident on 03th/ 04th December night and Operation Python on 08th/09th December night," the Vice Admiral said.

The tableau depicts a missile boat firing the missile and also the route taken by the attacking units during both the operations as track charts on sides of the Tableau.

The rear section of the tableau illustrates the Navy's aircraft carrier INS Vikrant conducting flying operations with Sea Hawk and Alize aircraft. The air operations from Vikrant led to sizeable damage to ships and shore installations of East Pakistan and contributed immensely towards the liberation of Bangladesh.

"While we celebrate our victory, we also acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of the Naval personnel who wrote this glorifying chapter of the Naval history," the Vice Admiral said.A

The tableau showcases photographs of eight naval awardees of Mahavir Chakra one of which was posthumous. On the sides of the trailer are murals depicting various ships that participated in the war, commando operations (Operation X) undertaken by the Navy along with MuktiBahini and the surrender ceremony at Dhaka.

While the Navy has many other operations to its credit during the 1971 war, the paucity of space on the tableau precludes showcasing all those elements.

The tableau is an attempt to highlight the most significant aspects of Naval operations conducted during 1971 war and pay rich tributes to those who were involved in these.

"I sincerely hope the Naval tableau would evoke the spirit of pride and patriotism amongst the audience witnessing the parade and a sense of nostalgia amongst those who participated," he said.

The Tableau commanders are Lt Cdr CS Ruben and Lt Cdr Surbhi Sharma. The Naval Contingent of 96 young sailors will be led by Lt Cdr Lalit Kumar as Contingent Commander and Lt Cdr Sune Phogat, Lt Aditya Shukla and Sub Lt Agastya Chaudhary as Platoon Commanders.

The brass band of the Indian Navy will be led by Sumesh Rajan, Master Chief Petty Officer (Musician) Class II.