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Modi Invites Muslim Community to join movement to build a “new India”

Modi Invites Muslim Community to join movement to build a “new India”

In a major address advocating inclusivity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday invited the Muslim community to join the on-going movement to build a “new India,” based on the inclusive tradition of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the founder of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

“I would love to hear from you all at Aligarh Muslim University on how to make India self-reliant and how to work on successfully taking 'local to global'. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome and is greatly valued,” PM Modi said during his centenary address to AMU.

“I want you all to think about how we can build an Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India),” he observed.

The Prime Minister pointed out that India expected AMU to contribute to making India one of the leading nations of the world in the 21st century. He stressed that the current crop of students can follow the example of an earlier generation of the alumni, which had played a sterling role in India’s freedom movement.

“The current generation of students have now got to work towards taking India forward and making it a global leader in all spheres… to make India self-reliant.”

PM Modi spotlighted that the today’s youth must not forget a ‘nation first’ attitude, and benefit from the government’s effort to create a new eco-system of education.

The Prime also stressed that the Muslim women must play a leading role in the building of a new India on his watch.

During his address, PM Modi rubbished the campaign that the government was pursuing religious majoritarianism, at the cost India’s minorities.


“The plans that the country is making today are reaching every section without distinction of religion,” the Prime Minster asserted. “Bank accounts of over 40 crore poor opened without any discrimination. Without discrimination, more than 2 crore poor were provided pucca houses. More than 8 crore women got gas without discrimination,” Modi stressed.

"I assure that nobody will be left out and not discriminated against on religious lines. Everyone will move forward by enjoying the Fundamental Rights given in the Constitution," Modi observed.

Modi is only the second Prime Minister to address an AMU function after Lal Bahadur Shastri 56 years ago, made it plain thqt the University must not forget Sir Syed’s template that it must protect its ethos of inclusivity.


“At this prestigious university, if a student can imbibe her/his education in Urdu, so can they in Hindi, on one side one can get knowledge about Arabic, on the other so can we in Sanskrit. One on side you can learn the teachings of the Quran, while on the other, AMU teaches the teachings of the Gita and other scriptures too. This is what India is all about, and this institution functions every day on that principle, “Modi said.

PM Modi reminded the University of its role as an international influencer in the past. Extending that tradition, he prompted the University to play and international role—of promoting India’s civilizational values across the globe. “As a centre of excellent Islamic Research, it’s also the responsibility of AMU to spread the core values and ethos of India to the world.”.