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Millet Hub – A culinary delight at the G20 Summit in Srinagar

Foreign delegates being welcomed at the G20 summit in Jammu and Kashmir (Photo: Jammu Links News)

Srinagar, the picturesque capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is currently playing host to the third G20 Working Group Meeting under the presidency of India. Amidst the gathering of foreign delegates and global leaders, an exceptional initiative has taken shape at the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) – the “Millet Hub,” a special food stall set up to celebrate the International Year of Millets.

Millets, the ancient crops that have been cultivated in Asia and Africa for thousands of years, hold immense cultural and nutritional significance. Recognizing their importance, the United Nations General Assembly, inspired by India’s initiative, declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets in March 2021. Now, with the Millet Hub, the Jammu and Kashmir government, in collaboration with the Jammu and Kashmir Rural Livelihood Mission (JKRLM) and the Grass Root Innovation Augmentation Network (GIAN), aims to highlight the versatility and benefits of millets while providing a platform for local entrepreneurs.

Nestled on the banks of Dal Lake, the Millet Hub is a culinary haven where foreign delegates can indulge in the flavors and heritage of millet-based cuisine. The stall offers a diverse range of dishes, showcasing the adaptability of millets and their ability to blend seamlessly with various regional and international flavors. From traditional millet breads and savory snacks to innovative millet-based desserts, the menu reflects the creativity and culinary skills of the local self-help groups involved in the project.

During the G20 summit, the Millet Hub welcomed distinguished guests, including J-K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, Union Ministers G Kishan Reddy and Dr. Jitendra Singh, as well as G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant. Their presence added to the significance of this culinary initiative, emphasizing the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices that benefit both people and the planet.

Union Minister Reddy addressed the gathering, stating, “The Ministry of Tourism and the Government of India are dedicated to collaborating with all G20 member countries and international organizations to promote sustainable practices. We believe in harnessing the potential of millets and other eco-friendly approaches to benefit both our societies and the environment.”

Dr. Jitendra Singh highlighted the rich craftsmanship of Srinagar, known for its intricate traditional art forms, and the city’s record-breaking achievement of having the highest railway bridge in the world. He expressed India’s readiness to shoulder global responsibilities in terms of economic, environmental, and societal obligations. Dr. Singh also emphasized the aspirations of the youth, stating, “The informed youth of Srinagar recognize the tremendous opportunities offered by Prime Minister Modi’s leadership. The common people of Srinagar desire to be active participants in the global journey towards progress.”

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, while addressing the session, emphasized the historical significance of Jammu and Kashmir as a center of knowledge, wisdom, and breathtaking landscapes. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the region due to state-sponsored terrorism in the past but highlighted the transformative impact of development schemes initiated by Prime Minister Modi. Under his leadership, J-K has witnessed remarkable growth, peace, and development, positioning it as one of the developed states in the country.

The Millet Hub not only serves as a gateway to the diverse world of millet cuisine but also aims to empower local entrepreneurs. By providing a platform for self-help groups, the initiative encourages the establishment of their own units, promoting economic growth and self-sufficiency. The Millet Hub represents the progressive vision of Jammu and Kashmir, showcasing its commitment to sustainable practices

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